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Upholding The Highest Standards In Environmental Sustainability

Lydiat Services's environmental policy adheres to strict operating guidelines to ensure that we impose minimal impact on the eco-systems in which we operate.


We work hard to educate and sustain awareness amongst our employees, contractors, suppliers and communities about the impact our business activities can have on the surrounding environment and place heavy emphasis on the responsible behaviour we expect of them in order to eliminate, reduce and control potential environmental impacts.

We seek to minimise the depletion of both local and global natural resources through optimal use, recovery, re-use and recycling of materials and energy.

Lydiat Services attempts to remove, substitute, reduce and control the use, release and disposal of all hazardous material and waste products through realistic and tangible action in support of pollution prevention.


We also strive to ensure that our neighbours, communities, and other affected parties experience the least environmental impact from our activities.

Lydiat Services continually develops, maintains and improves performance by complying with best practice, legal and other requirements, furthering this process through frequent communication with contractors, customers, legislation bodies, environmental experts and shareholders.

Lydiat Services is committed to upholding the highest standards in environmental sustainability across all aspects of our operations.


We work in line with the ‘Green Vision’ of the UK, working towards strengthening awareness on a greener lifestyle through energy and water efficiency.

We will continue to be vigilant in conserving natural resources, preventing environmental pollution and maintaining the ecological balance for the long-term welfare of our communities and future generations.

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